Grilling with Rich: "This sauce is something special."

May 18, 2011

Grilling with Rich:

BBQ expert and all-around good guy Richard Wachtel says:

"I really enjoyed both the WHOMP and also the Naked WHOMP Barbecue sauce. I really felt that I was trying sauce that was for very high standard competition barbecue teams. I also really enjoyed how once you tried the barbecue sauce you really felt the story and also the passion of barbecue in the taste of the sauce. I asked Mitch to describe his barbecue sauce in one sentence or less and he said to me that “Genie in a bottle, just rub it and all your wishes will come true!…”

"I truely believe that this sauce is something special, and I am very proud to add this sauce to the ever growing list of Grilling with Rich favorite Barbecue Sauces."

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"At age 75 I have tried gazillions of barbecue sauces so I was hesitant to try Whomp sauce, like who cares... bought two bottles, it is now my favorite..."
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I bought a bottle of y'all Whomp sauce and your Char Bar sauce and smoked some pork belly burnt ends to bring into work last Saturday and lets just say, they did not stand a chance...
REVIEW::: Meat Mitch Dry Rubs and Barbecue Sauce: Extraordinarily Awesome!
REVIEW::: Meat Mitch Dry Rubs and Barbecue Sauce: Extraordinarily Awesome!

June 14, 2021

Smokin Dave from Extraordinary BBQ, know for turning your ordinary grilling into extraordinary Barbeque, just posted some delicious content. Dave grilled up some country style pork ribs, chuck roast and flank steak with our Steer Season, Whomp Rubs and Sauce. Check out how they turned out!